How To Apply Workshop

11/21/2019 12:00:00 AM

In today’s world, knowledge in one of the main axes and criteria of development in each society. Due to the importance of the investigation and research, and the necessity of learning them to students, Student Research Committee of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences in collaboration with Vice-Chancellary Research and Technology Affairs, implemented a tow days regional workshop “How To Apply”.

In this workshop, 70 students from the universities of Bushehr, Shiraz, Jahrom, Yassuj and Bandar Abbas took part.

The subjects presented in this workshop were:

·        Study Abroad ( How to Apply to universities worldwide)

·        How can we increase the reach of our publication

·        Select the right journal for your manuscript

·        Basics of authorship in academic publishing

·        How to create an academic CV

·        Tips for presenting at an academic conference

The theoretical and practical instructor of this workshop was dr Kianmehr Alipour (PhD Candidate In Cancer Epidemiology (2020), Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School Of Public Health )

This workshop ended by giving the reliable certificate to the participants by Vice-Chancellary Research and Technology Affairs.


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